Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Some of my favourites albums

Well... Let's experiment something that I always would like to do... I'll write a kinda review of three albums by the moment... Try to write what are my thoughts and the feelings I capture from them or sort of other things... First it's good to remember that they are just an opinion and don't mean to harm nobody thoughts...

John Mayer - Try! -> After listening to this album I think that's more appropriate to call John Mayer with more respect - what about a Mr. Mayer treatment. An album that in my opinion divide his carrer, an new way of expressing and playing his songs. The first song is played with so intensity and so well played that when summed with its title (Who did you think I was) bring me a feeling that so much will come from Mr. Mayer. The songs played here have more of John Mayer then never before - with all respect to the other exceptional songs, of course -, they look more intense and played with conscious. We can see on every song how a guitar can gently weep. What a trio! They are so well tuned with each other. An album like this should be listened by everyone. It comes clear that is a real good album when listening, the songs are great.

Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the deaf -> Meet, feel, know the rock, ladies and gentlemen. This album is so intense so pure that even a deaf could feel that, feel what rock was meant to be. The tracks are so tuned and so well executed one after the other that my words while my first time listening was nothing more than: "Whoa! No! What? Ha!". What mean is that I couldn't believe my ears. Maybe for many people it can be nothing but this CD hit me in such way that I'm telling you! The songs are incredible a piece of art. Dave Grohl just done what was have to be done. Joshua Homme, no comments. The lyrics are so good and fill the music with such grattitude. Listen to an album like this is meet the rock and know what it can do for you. Songs for the deaf.

Well, hope you like and comment. I know I have to write better, but sometimes my little experience holds me to my feelings.


Tom said...
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Karl Z said...

I've always liked Queens of the Stone Age. One song of theirs that is not well known is called "In my head". It was on a recent NFS soundtrack. Great song.

The above comment was mine but my bro was signed in, sorry.